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McKaley | 18 | Aries | annoying
The real name is Nocturnal Hallucination but DA is weird and wont let me fit it.I heard the phrase in a poem once, it's a fancy way of saying dreams.
I love you so much

Devil's Ivy by FennecFoxAim Orphia by nocturnalhallucino Devil's Ivy by FennecFoxAim

follow me here too <3

coming soon

organs in jars pixel by LlNGERlE
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Minooruu and Toflun for :icontoflun:
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✓ Likes watching too much youtube
✓ Likes any visual way of storytelling
✖ Dislikes people who are unnecessarily mean
✖ Dislikes wasting time

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happy sunday guys! just so you know, sunday is my break from my art schedule, so I won't have anything for today but the meet the artist meme should be done tomorrow!
What do you wanna see next from me?
1 deviant said Meet the artist MEME
No deviants said OTHER ART MMMMEEEEEMMMEEEs (comment example)
No deviants said more digital painting studies
No deviants said more scenery
No deviants said FUCK DAT gimme the OCs!!!!!
No deviants said jk fanarts such a guardians of the galaxy
No deviants said other ideas (comment)
Skin Practice
I think I figured out how to digital paint again!!!! Wooh!!! Expect more art like this from now on & characters!
Background Studies
Some super rough background studies. The left is pictures from pinterest, the right is mine. I like them all but the top right is fuckin too rough my dude. I love digital painting, expect some new piece from me soon
you guys are always so quiet but I have something pretty cool in the works, arts containing a marketplace scene. SO if you comment below items, flowers, like market place stuffs, there's a chance I'll put it in the piece so, comment!!!

1. preferred nick/name: McKaley

2. gender you associate with: Female 

3. zodiac sign: IM AN ARIES BITCH!!!!

4. age: 18 years old 


1. Dream vacation?: A 50 state roadtrip or any trip outside the states, go big or stay at home

2. What are key things you'd want in your dream home? I've always wanted to be pretty secluded with a lot of land, a cute lil front porch, lots of pretty plants, prolly a garden, idk about the inside of the house rip
(white fence, flowers on window sill, big pool, etc)

3. What Qualities would you like in a dream partner? Vegan, hopefully and spiritual, like into meditation and creative stuffs

4. Dream job? An entrepreneur, artistic sort  

5. What is your dream city/state/country? I dont really have a place in mind? Savannah, GA is the place I've felt the most at house at recently


1. What universe would you be part of? Ghibli!!!!!! That would be lit as fuck or alice in wonderland.
(harry potter, supernatural, hunger games, super hero, avatar, anime, etc)

2. What would you be in that universe? In ghibli a cute lil witch lil Kiki, in alice a hatter, im crazy as fuck

3. If you could be any fantasy creature, which one would you be? A fairyyyyyyy

4. If you could have any super power / elemental power, what would it be? see the future and past 

5. Who is your anime/tv show/movie wife/husband? thomas from the maze runner
(a character you adore so much you wanna snatch. ;3)

6. What animal would you be if you could? a hawk bitch


1. Favorite singer/band/etc? Tv girl or balue!

2. Favorite song currently? Dionysus by the buttertones

4. Dreamy band member / singer of choice? >:3 N/A I dont obsess over band people

5. Influential people in music for you? also N/A
(Any singer / band / group / composer etc who has really inspired you)

Random Questions

1. One food you could eat forever? fuckin potatos

2. Biggest pet peeve? people being mean, theres never a good reason for being mean

3. A quote that inspires / influences you? Everything that came out of Frida Kahlos mouth

4. Superficial fears? being trapped in a blanket, when I was a child I got stuck in a sleeping bag and ever since im scared 
(bugs, bird, anything you don't consider a phobia or debilitating)

5. Internet friends you wish you could meet? this girl named fae in twitter, she a real one

6. Whats a hairstyle / color you want? pinkkkkk i miss having pink hair 

7. What is the sexiest piece of clothing to you? damn b those socks look sooooo good on you
(stockings, bikini, big shirts, kitty lingerie etc)

8. What is your favorite season? i live in Florida and have never experienced a season

9. What is your favorite weather? when rain is uncertain

10. What is your favorite animal(s) hawkkkkks

Feel good (final)

1. What is your favorite physical feature about yourself? my lil button nosy

2. What is your favorite item of clothing you own? my fluffy white faux fur jacket

3. What is the deviation you're most proud of? tbh i dont have one, i dont have enough work yet

4. What is the best compliment you've ever received? a guy who I just started talking to and courting me said that was refreshing and unconditionally caring

5. What is your best memory (that you can remember!) a went to a concert with my ex and we spun in an open field as the sun was setting, it was awesome 

6. What is your favorite possession? my mac probably 

7. What is a special thing you do for yourself? a lush day!! a use a bunch of a lush stuff and take a bath
(buy ice cream, get your nails done, take a nice bath, buy bathbombs, gift yourself, etc, those things!)

8. Who is your safe person? my cat or my aunt, people arent the best
(someone you can tell anything to, your best friend!)

9. What is a talent of yours? im pretty good at balancing things on my head

10. Describe a perfect day for you! waking up a meditate, go for a run, a spend the rest of the day alone in a quite home creating my art

Meme by :iconforestrnom: 

What do you wanna see next from me? 

1 deviant said Meet the artist MEME
No deviants said OTHER ART MMMMEEEEEMMMEEEs (comment example)
No deviants said more digital painting studies
No deviants said more scenery
No deviants said FUCK DAT gimme the OCs!!!!!
No deviants said jk fanarts such a guardians of the galaxy
No deviants said other ideas (comment)


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